00090: Mississippi Mauler vs. Madi Maxx


MP4 | 175MB | 20:09 | 720×480


Charlie Lee, the Mississippi Mauler, continues his relentless aggression against female competitors in a match with Madi Maxx. Ten minutes of power moves and hard-hitting action. (Trash Talking. Kick to midsection. Face claw. Chinlock with knee in back. Hair pull. Foot on throat. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Inverted atomic drop. choking on the bottom rope. DDT. Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. Atomic drop low blow. Grinding elbow into forehead. Elbow drop to forehead. Pulling up at 2 counts. Neckbreaker. Standing on hand. Modified ceiling hold with hair pull. grinding face into mat. Knife edge chop. Knee drop low blow. Knee across throat. Big right hands. Elbow drop on leg. Chinlock. Tombstone piledriver. Snap suplex. Throwing opponent out of ring. Tombstone piledriver on concrete floor. Chinlock with hair pull. Foot on throat. Finished: Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. submission.)


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