00004: Melanie Cruise vs. Veronica Fairchild


MP4 | 83MB | 10:42 | 720×480


What begins as a back-and-forth match escalates when Melanie Cruise’s aggression intensifies. The contest ends with a jaw-dropping tombstone piledriver. Two ring veterans provide top-notch action. (Introductions. Attacking an opponent from behind. Choking on top rope. dragging face across top rope. Big right hands. Knee lifts to midsection. Eye rake. Ramming back into turnbuckle. Chest stomps. Standing on hair. Jumping clothesline. Blatant choke. Chinlock with hair pull. Nose hook. Elbow drop to back. slamming face into mat. Boston crab. Torture rack. Extended leg choke in corner. Leg Drop to midsection. Sleeperhold. Finisher: Tombstone piledriver. pin.)


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