00096: Nikki Knight vs. Shawna Reed


MP4 | 77MB | 9:59 | 720×480


Barefoot Match featuring Shawna and Nikki and a submission holds match. Continuing action but lots of scissors, and etc. These ladies BOTH made a very impressive showing at Liberty Pro (Barefoot match. Introductions. Knee lift. Side Headlock takedown. headscissors. Front facing headscissors. Bodyscissors. Underhook chinlock. Modified figure four. Punch to the leg. Knife edge chops. shoulder thrusts to midsection. Sitting headscissors. Choking on the middle rope. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. Headscissors exchanges back and forth. Bow and arrow. Flatliner. Finisher: Modified laying down pretzel. submission.)


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