00003: Maranda Rights vs. Veronica Fairchild


MP4 | 73MB | 10:13 | 720×480


Maranda Rights, now an officer of the law, seeks retribution against the once-unpleasant Veronica Fairchild. Maranda’s relentless assault takes center stage in this showdown, leaving Veronica handled more than ever. (Waiting for opponent and attacking them from behind. slamming face into apron. Back rake. Sleeperhold. Eye rake. Foreign object shot. choking with foreign object. Choking with own hair. Face claw. Knee smash to face. Standing on hair. Choking with illegal object. Big right hands. Knee in back with double armbar. Choking on bottom rope. Chinlock. Hanging the opponent upside down in the corner. Handcuffing opponent to bottom rope. Finisher: Sleeperhold. submission.)


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