00088: Little Bit vs. Mississippi Mauler


MP4 | 123MB | 11:56 | 720×480


An intergender match involving the fierce rivalry between Little Bit and Mississippi Mauler. Little Bit takes on the much larger opponent and surprises everyone with some unexpected moves. Witness this fantastic and intense match. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Lockup evenly matched. attacking the opponent from behind. kicks to the back. extended leg choke in corner. Stomping on the arm. Wristlock. Big boot to face. Big right hands. Jumping on the midsection in the corner. Double leg drop low blow. Boot grinding low blow. Dropkick to chest. Chinlock. DDT. Kicking leg. Elbow drop to leg. Leg sweep. Bodyslam. Leg pull. Choking on the middle rope. Arm scissors threw ropes. Finisher: hurricanrana from top turnbuckle. pin.)


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