00084: Rock N Roll Rock C vs. Miss Hannah


MP4 | 103MB | 10:16 | 720×480


Miss Hannah found out why Rock C is a legend and The Mid South area. Rock C took a little at first but then she took over and showed the Ohio lady a taste of southern Un hospitality and this match. Ten minutes of great action. (Introductions. Lockup. Waistlock exchanges. Wristlock. Headscissors. Stepover toe takedown. Modified crossed leg lock. Boston crab. Big right hands. Eye rake. Suplex. Kicking leg. Knee shots back. Modified deathlock. Blatant choke. Knee in back with hair pull. Bow and arrow with hair pull. Strap snap. Wrapping legs around ropes. Standing on her knees. Body slam plant. Scratching midsection. Modified mat crucifix. Removing opponents shoes. Finisher: modified figure four. submission.)


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