00095: Little Bit vs. Cali


MP4 | 71MB | 10:00 | 720×480

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After Madi Maxx worked over Cali for ten minutes, coming and right behind with her wicked ways is Little Bit for ten more minutes of punishment for the Blonde. I hope all of her hair was and place after July 14, 2018 as Madi and Little Bit about ripped it out of her head. 10 minutes of torture (Opponent already laid out in the ring. Hair Pull. Hair mare. Choking on the middle rope. Wrapping hair around ropes. Standing on hair. Back rake. Chinlock with knee in back. Choking with her own hair. Headbutt. sleeperhold. Front facing side headlock. Smashing face repeatedly into turnbuckle. Ceiling hold. Foot on back hair pull. Finisher: Camel clutch with hair pull. submission.)


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