00085: Miss Hannah vs. Erin Michaels


MP4 | 180MB | 20:45 | 720×480


Prepare for a bloody encounter lasting nearly the entire 20 minutes. Erin Michaels challenges Miss Hannah, leading to a match with non-stop action, both in and out of the ring. Witness an intense, bloody battle. (Barefoot match. Introductions. Trash Talking. Big right hands. Clothesline. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Dragging face across ropes. Extended leg chokemin corner. Hair Mare. Knee smash to face. Choking on ropes. Foreign object shot. Busted open. Face plant into mat. Grinding wounds with foreign objects. Sleeperhold. Both competitors busted wide open. Digging Foreign objects into wounds. Slamming face into railing. slamming face into an apron. Slicing forehead. Bleeding profusely. Finisher: grinding with foreign objects. unable to continue.)


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