00075: Little Bit vs. Miss Hannah


MP4 | 109MB | 11:29 | 720×480


Little Bit never likes new ladies coming into what she calls””Her Turf”” Little Bit found Miss Hannah and the back and brought her out by the hair. Lots of trash talking and hair pulling, one thing for sure Little Bit throws a mean punch as Hannah’s head and face found out. Little Bit is one mean lady (Dragging opponent out to the ring. Hair Pull. slamming face into an apron. slamming face into steel post. Kick to midsection. standing on hair. Hair claw. Double handed hair pull. Foot on back with hair pull. slamming knee into mat. kicking leg. standing on hair. Choking on ropes. Bodyscissors with hairpull. Sleeperhold with hair pull. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. stomps back. Hair pulled through the ropes. Knee in back chinlock. Knee in back with hair pull. Double armbar with foot in back. vicious hair pulling. Kick to chest. Camel clutch. Chinlock with eye rake. Finisher: Modified sleeperhold/chokehold. submission.)


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