01756: Nikki Victory vs. Little Bit

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MP4 | 82MB | 10:23 | 720×480


In a 10-minute showdown, Nikki Victory and Little Bit go head-to-head, with no referee to intervene. This fierce encounter takes an intense turn as Little Bit unleashes a hair-pulling beat-down on Nikki Victory. The vendetta between these Liberty Pro competitors drives them to extremes, and it’s a battle of willpower, strength, and sheer determination that fans won’t want to miss. (Lockup; Side Headlock; Eye gouge; Knee in throat; Slamming back of head into turnbuckle; Hair Pull; Sleeperhold; Knee in back with double armbar; Armbar with hair pull; Camel Clutch; Modified surfboard with hair pull; Single leg Boston crab with hair pull; Chinlock; Standing on hair; Leg Drop; Boston crab; Finisher: DDT; pin.)


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