01757: Crystal Fire vs. Vanilla Vargas

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MP4 | 79MB | 10:16 | 720×480


Crystal Fire and Vanilla Vargas collide in a 10-minute clash with no referee to temper their aggression. The bout takes a brutal turn as Crystal Fire subjects Vanilla Vargas to a hair-pulling beat-down. The relentless and hard-hitting action unfolds in the absence of a referee, and fans will witness an unrelenting contest that showcases the grit and determination of Liberty Pro’s fierce competitors. (Trash Talking Kick to midsection; Slamming face into mat; Vicious hair pulling; Camel clutch with hair pull; Wrapping hair around ropes; Single leg Boston crab with hair pull; Standing on hair; Bodyscissors with hairpull; Sleeperhold with hair pull; Big body splash; Pulling opponent up at 2 count; Finisher: Big body splash; pin.)


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