00091: Nikki Knight vs. Shawna Reed


MP4 | 90MB | 10:00 | 720×480


Two newcomers to Liberty Pro, Nikki Knight and Shawna Reed, put on a great start to their careers. Their back-and-forth match showcases impressive wrestling skills and scissor holds. Both ladies are destined for a bright future in Liberty Pro. (Kick to midsection. Side Headlock takedown. Double arm scissors. Underhook chinlock. Forearm shots to midsection. Elbow to face. Leg sweep. Big right hands. sleeperhold. Eye rake. Choke hold. Knee drops to arm. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. Clothesline. Missed dropkick attempt. Standing on hair. Knee across throat. Boston crab. Camel clutch. Grinding armbar. sleeperhold. Underhook chinlock with Bodyscissors. Finisher: Leg sweep takedown. pin.)


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