01755: Crystal Fire vs. Nikki Victory

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MP4 | 78MB | 10:44 | 720×480


In this electrifying 10-minute showdown, Liberty Pro’s hard-hitting veteran, Crystal Fire, unleashes her fiery determination against the formidable Nikki Victory. With no referee to maintain order, Crystal Fire resorts to unconventional tactics, subjecting Nikki Victory to an intense hair-pulling beat-down. This clash is an all-out war of wills, where experience meets resilience in the Liberty Pro ring. Witness the sparks fly as these two fierce competitors leave it all on the line, showcasing their unyielding spirit and unwavering drive. Brace yourself for a hair-raising, action-packed bout that will have Liberty Pro fans on the edge of their seats. (Kick to midsection; Hair Mare; Wrapping hair around ropes; Vicious hair pulling; Two handed hair pull; Wrapping leg around ropes; Single leg Boston crab with hair pull; Foot in throat; Standing on hair; Bow and arrow with hair pull; Bodyscissors with hairpull; Finisher: Sleeperhold with hair pull; submission.)


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