00012: Allie Parker vs. Brandi Wine


MP4 | 179MB | 21:07 | 720×480


In this 20-minute clash, two top stars of women’s wrestling bring out the worst in each other. Expect illegal punches, foreign objects, trash-talking, and old-school attire. A match that shows the darker side of Brandi Wine. (Introductions. Attacking an opponent from behind. Knee in back with double armbar. Standing Bodyscissors. Full Nelson. Double handed hair pull. 10 punches from the top corner. Single leg Boston crab. Wrapping arm around ropes. Slamming ankle into mat. Wrapping legs around ropes. Elbow drop on leg. Leglock. Double arm scissors using ropes for leverage. STF. Back rake. Grinding shoulder into midsection. Big right hands. Slamming knee into mat. Leg splitter. Knee drop on leg. Figure four. Foot on throat. Surfboard. Foreign object shot. Grinding object into forehead. Choking with an object. Eye rake. Choking on the bottom rope. Finisher: Sleeperhold. submission.)


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