01332: Trent Daniels vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 121MB | 15:13 | 720×480


Rebel Kel’s bout with Trent Daniels takes an unexpected turn when another individual who believes women shouldn’t wrestle interferes. The match lasts for 15 minutes and showcases Rebel Kel’s resilience. (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. Kick to midsection. Snapmare. Kick to back. Bodyslam. sleeperhold. Stomp on wrist. Extended leg choke in corner. Knee in back with double armbar. sleeperhold. Double handed hair pull. Suplex. Blatant choke. Modified chinlock. 2-1 beatdown. Standing on hair. Double suplex. Big body splash in the corner. Armbar slam. Double powerbomb from top turnbuckle. Finisher: Double body splash. pin.)


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