00005: Maranda Rights vs. Southern Sweetheart Dixie


MP4 | 80MB | 09:58 | 720×480


Maranda Rights, the enforcer of the ring, takes on the rookie Dixie in a one-fall, ten-minute match. Maranda’s unrelenting mean streak shines, while Dixie proves she’s on the path to greatness. (Introductions. Lockup. Armbar. Side Headlock exchanges. Eye rake. Stepover toe takedown. Leglock. Hair Pull. Knee drops on leg . Elbow drop to leg. Leg Drop. Standing on hair. Choking on the middle rope. Blatant choke. Running shoulder tackle. Chinlock. Double armbar. jumping face plant into mat. Wrapping leg around bottom rope. Stomach claw. Boot stomp to face. knee across throat. Big boot to face. Finisher: hurricanrana. pin.)


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