01333: Million Dollar Baby vs. Rebel Kel


MP4 | 86MB | 10:27 | 720×480


Return Liberty Pro Title Match. After match 1318, and having help from the Dirty Bits, Million Dollar Baby got her re-match. Everyone was banned from the Arena for this match, however the Ref, Alli, definitely showed favoritism for Million Dollar Baby and it showed. Interesting ending to this match for 10 minutes. (Introductions. Side Headlock. Hair Pull. Extended leg choke in corner. Test of strength. Stomping on hand. Throat chop. Sleeperhold. Forehead rake. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Running knee smashed into midsection. Camel clutch. Boot across throat. Running Bulldog into mat. Blatant choke. Boston Crab Eye rake. Brawling back and forth. Double knock out punch. Finisher: Foreign object shot. pin.)


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