00016: Melanie Cruise vs. Brandi Wine


MP4 | 76MB | 10:16 | 720×480


For 10 minutes, these fierce competitors bring an old-school feel to the ring. Choking, tough holds, and even karate thrusts are part of the action, creating an intense match. (Introductions. Lock-up. Hair Pull. Eye rake. Kicking the leg. Back rake. Chinlock. Nose hook. Grinding elbow into back. Big right hands. Front facing side headlock. Standing on the back. Foot in the back of the throat. Throat chops. Double arm chokehold. Bodyscissors. Vicious hair pulling. Stomp to the throat. Hidden cheap shots to the throat. knee across throat. Foot on throat. Choking on the middle rope. Grinding elbow into midsection. Finisher: surprise roll up. pin.)


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