01291: Little Bit vs. Nikki Victory


MP4 | 71MB | 10:25 | 720×480


In this encounter between two Liberty Pro greats, Little Bit quickly takes the upper hand over Nikki Victory. The match features their usual back-and-forth action but with a unique twist in 10 minutes. (Trash Talking. Eye rake. Slamming face into mat. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Extended leg choke in corner. Kicks to midsection. Double handed hair pull with knee in back. Vicious hair pulling. Big forearm shots. Double armbar. Choking with my own hair. Figure four. Bow and arrow with hair pull. Camel clutch. Dragging face across ropes. Elbow shots to midsection. Snapmare. Sitting dropkick. Pulling opponent up during pin. Blatant choke. Running Bulldog into mat. Finisher: single leg Boston crab with hair pull.)


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