01289: Miss Beronica vs. Nikki Victory


MP4 | 166MB | 20:04 | 720×480


In a 20-minute match, fans get to enjoy the talents of two outstanding competitors, Miss Beronica and Nikki Victory. Expect a fantastic display of wrestling action. (Special Guest referee. Ring entrances. Lockup. Full Nelson exchanges. Bodyscissors with full Nelson. Running back into the corner. snapmare. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Grinding shoulder into midsection. Sitting dropkick. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Sleeperhold. Kicking the knee. Slamming knee into apron. Big right hands. Slamming face into apron Kicks to back. DDT Clothesline. Leg Drop. Stomach claw. Kicks to midsection. Extended leg choke in corner. Blatant choke. Spin Kick off ropes. Leg scissors. Spinebuster. Neckbreaker. Jumping face plant into mat. Single leg Boston crab. stomping on my ankle. stomping on hand. Multiple elbow strikes to the throat. Finisher: power bomb. pin.)


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