01293: Lady Bird Monroe and Ali Bama vs. BeBe and Ella


MP4 | 93MB | 09:57 | 720×480


Lady Bird Monroe and Ali Bama form a tag team and face off against BeBe (subbing for Valeska) and Ella in a barefoot tag match. The action-packed encounter lasts for 10 minutes. (Barefoot match. Big boot to chest. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Knee lifts to midsection. Big body splash in the corner. Snapmare. Knee in back with double armbar. Shoulder claw. Power slam. Wristlock. Big boot to midsection. Hair Pulling. Shoulder tackle takedown. Foot on midsection. Slamming back of head into mat. Big boot to face. Armbar. Double team in corner. Double suplex. Double elbow drop. Sleeperhold. Extended leg choke in corner. blatant choke. Bear hug. Leg Drop Running Spear. All four competitors brawled in the ring. Standing moonwalk. Finisher: DDT and diamond cutter. double pin.)


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