00017: Brandi Wine vs. Angel Blue


MP4 | 171MB | 24:53 | 720×480


A 20-minute match filled with old-school wrestling, but with an edge. Both competitors unleash their aggression, and it concludes with a sleeper hold. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Lockup. hair pull. Grinding boot in midsection. Blatant choke. Knee planted in the back with chinlock. Bodyscissors with armbar. Boston crab. Big right hands. Foot on throat. Knee across throat. Front face chinlock. Slamming face into an apron. Slamming face into steel post. Foreign object shots. Modified Headscissors with leglock. Modified STF. Arm scissors. Leg scissors Camel clutch with illegal choking. Hand smothering. Choking on top rope. Figure four. Single leg Boston crab. Sleeperhold. Finisher: Underhook chinlock. submission.)


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