01153: Fantasy vs. Brooklyn Creed


MP4 | 84MB | 10:06 | 720×480


This match is a old fashion, slobber knocker like J R says. All heel match between two great wrestlers, Fantasy and Brooklyn Creed. Ten minutes, and and out of the ring, both ladies gave 110 percent and this match. (Trash Talking. Throat chop. Slamming face into mat. Kicks to chest. standing on the throat in the corner. Sitting on the opponent in the corner. Eye rake. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Chinlock. Fish hooks. Slamming face into an apron. Slamming face into steel post. Slamming face into steel chair. Knife edge chop exchanges. Big right hand exchanges. Wrapping hair around ropes. Extended leg choke in corner. Double arm scissors. Bodyscissors. Foot on throat. Back rake. Double face plant into mat. Modified single leg Boston crab with hair pull. Finisher: DDT. pin.)


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