00001: Allie Parker vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 93MB | 10:25 | 720×480


Experience the debut match for Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling as fan-favorite Little Bit takes on the blue-jean-clad heel, Allie Parker. In this action-packed 10-minute battle, Allie dominates most of the match, but the ending is filled with unexpected twists and turns. (Introductions. Lockup. Armbar. Wristlock. Grinding armbar on mat. Irish Whip. Running clothes lines into corners. Big right hands. Wrapping arms around ropes. knee lifts to midsection. Bodyscissors. Full Nelson. Wrapping legs around ropes. Elbow drop on knee. Single leg Boston crab. Choking with illegal objects. Smothering face. choking on the bottom rope. Double armbar threw ropes. Camel Clutch. Hair Pull. Blatant choke in corner. Bronco buster in the corner. Finisher: surprise sunset flip. pin.)


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