01150: Million Dollar Baby vs. Autumn Mariee


MP4 | 128MB | 15:03 | 720×480


I said and match 01139, how much Autumn and Million Dollar Baby did not like each other. Well get this 15 minutes of action and you will understand exactly what I was saying. This has got down to bloody battles now Lots of the other wrestlers were watching and cheering Autumn Marie one. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Hair Pull. Foreign object shot. Busted open. Clawing wound Grinding shoe into forehead. Biting forehead. Knee in forehead. Sleeperhold. Bodyscissors with ropes for leverage. Choking on the bottom rope. Multiple foreign object shots. Eye rake. Knee across throat. Grinding side headlock. Stomping on knees. Running foreifn object shot. Wrapping arm around ropes. Piledriver. Elbow drops to midsection. Front face slam. Finisher: Front face slam. pin.)


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