01155: Brooklyn Creed vs. Judi Hendrix


MP4 | 82MB | 09:41 | 720×480


Judi Hendrix, a rising star, took on the formidable Brooklyn Creed in a one-fall, 10-minute match. Both these talented wrestlers are making waves in the pro wrestling world, and LibertyPro is proud to showcase their skills. (Trash Talking. Slap to face. Big right hands. Knee in back with hairpulling. Low Blow. Jumping face plant into mat. Hair mare. Wrapping hair around ropes. Extended leg choke in corner. Vicious hair pulling. Slamming head into mat Standing on hair. Bow and arrow with hair pull. Underhook chinlock. Throat chop. Finisher: Bodyscissors while choking with own hair. submission.)


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