00588: Skylar Slice vs. Samantha Starr


MP4 | 104MB | 11:48 | 720×480


Skylar has been a dominant SWF champion. She has taken one any and all comers. She takes one the 3rd generation Star Samantha Starr. Samantha is no stranger to the SWF. Samantha gives Skylar the fight of her life and this one! Samantha has the most dominant DDT and the business and here is a spoiler…. She hits it one the champ! Is it enough for a new STARR to become the SWF champion???? (Pre-match interviews. Lockup. wrist lock reversals. Waistlock. Armbar. Side Headlock. Ramming back into corner. Running clothesline. Big body splash in corner. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Running Bulldog into mat. Jumping face plant into mat. Fallaway slam. Double clothesline. Exchanging big right hands. DDT. sleeper hold. Finisher: Double handed chokeslam. pin.)


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