00589: Little Bit and Diana Taylor vs. Malibu and Miss Beronica


MP4 | 98MB | 10:11 | 720×480


Tag Action is rare at Liberty Pro Women’s Wrestling but for ten minutes we had a great tag match for you. Little Bit and Diana must have thought they were going to a barn dance and Miss Beronica had one her Judo Jacket like she wore and Match 513. This was very good and you have to buy the match to find out the new tag team’s new name. (Barefoot match. Introductions. Attacked from behind. 2 on 1 beatdown. Sitting on back chinlock. Crossed leg lock. Standing on hair. Front facing Side Headlock. Double suplex. Armbar using ropes. Double teaming corner work. Belly to belly suplex. Body Slam. Leg Drop. Clothesline. sleeper hold. Finisher: Stunner. pin. Total beatdown of loser after match.)


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