00436: Katie Meyer vs. Fantasy vs. Miss Rachel


MP4 | 214MB | 25:14 | 720×480


A 3-way dance can be chaotic, and this 20-minute match is no exception. Miss Rachel initially seems to dominate, but Fantasy and Katie soon learn they can’t trust each other. The match features brutal moves and holds, with multiple near pin falls throughout. (3 Way Dance. Ring entrances. Double teaming big forearm shots. Grinding foot into midsection. snap mare. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. bodyslam DDT. Big body splash. suplex. Double drop kick. Knife edge chops. Jumping face plant into mat. sleeper hold on back. Hair pull. slap to the side of the head. Tomahawk chop. Running clothesline. Alot of 2 on 1 attacks Stacking opponents up. Breaking pin at 2 count. Headscissors. Finisher: Powerbomb. pin.)


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