00013: Melanie Cruise vs. Brandi Wine


MP4 | 75MB | 10:05 | 720×480


Melanie Cruise and Brandi Wine, former tag champions, collide after over four years. Melanie gets aggressive, and the match ends with a hair-raising tombstone piledriver. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Eye rake. Slamming face into mat. Double handed hair pull. Back rake. Modified STF with hair pull. Standing on hands and hair pulling. Wrapping hair around ropes. Dragging face across top rope. Choking on top rope. Slamming face into turnbuckles. Pulling hair through the ropes. Slamming face into apron. Slamming face into railing. Slamming face into steel chair. Big right hands. Pulling opponent up at 2 count. Finisher: Huge right hand. pin.)


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