00438: Camron Bra’Nae vs. Kaci Lennox

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this twenty minutes is unique for Liberty Pro. It is NOT a wrestling match but rather a test of strength between these two lovely ladies. Lots of two minutes battles with arms, chest, heads, etc. They gave 110 percent between them and they both wanted this in the worst way.

1 review for 00438: Camron Bra’Nae vs. Kaci Lennox

  1. Welan S (verified owner)

    Review for both 00441 & 00438:I think this is the first test of strength wrestling match for liberty pro wrestling.

    1. Both wrestlers look equal in strength(height & weight) so this is the first plus for this test of strength match.( This should be really important for all test of strength match).

    2. And they both did this with nose to nose, body to body most of the time, that makes this match awesome.

    3. Both wrestlers have good chemistry and they both understand the viewers expectations very well.(particularly struggling while wrapping of fingers for fingerlock, arm wrestling and test of strength). 

    4. And collar and elbow tie up was really nice unfortunately it is very short(i am expecting a complete collar and elbow tie up match between them both)

    Really awesome match and expecting more test of strength matches from liberty pro wrestling.   

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