00122: Brandi Wine vs. Veronica Fairchild


MP4 | 105MB | 11:37 | 720×480


Brandi Wine gives a beatdown to Veronica Fairchild, making Veronica’s hair the focus of her assault. Veronica foolishly agreed to be a substitute and this match for Brandi’s opponent, who obviously knew what kind of mood Brandi was going to be and that day. Lots of hair pulling and this 10 minute match. (Lockup. Kick to midsection. Double handed hair pull. wrapping hair around the top rope. Eye rake. Back rake. Big right hand to midsection. Body scissors with Hair Pull. Pulling out hair by hair. Ear pull. Double armbar. Chinlock. Modified crucifix. Nose hook. Double arm scissors. Standing on hair. Headscissors with Hair Pull. Half Nelson. Grinding forehead with boot. Knee drop to back. Finisher: Bow and arrow with hair pull. submission.)


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