00116: Little Bit vs. Veronica Fairchild


MP4 | 147MB | 14:59 | 720×480


The feud between Little Bit and Veronica Fairchild continues in this “anything goes” match, which sees both competitors utilizing anything within their reach to inflict punishment. Both competitors end up bloodied in their relentless battle. (Attacking an opponent from behind. Foreign object shot. slamming face into an apron. Multiple illegal object uses. Choking with foreign objects. Hardcore weapons back and forth. Busted open. Battling hard-core back and forth outside of the ring. Nose bleeding. Big right hand exchanges back and forth. Foot on face. Eye rake. Extended leg choke in corner. Grinding with foreign objects on the opponent. Slingshot opponent into turnbuckle. Nose hook. Illegal object on injured nose. Jawbreaker. Running Spear. Finisher: Big right hands back and forth. Double K.O)


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