00009: Brandi Wine vs. Southern Sweetheart Dixie

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In 15 minutes of old-school action, veteran Brandi Wine clashes with the rookie sensation Dixie. Brandi uses every shortcut in the book to work Dixie over, but the newcomer refuses to back down. (Introductions. Lockup. Wristlock. Armbar. Waistlock. Leg sweep. Chokehold. Chinlock. Crossed leg lock. Hair Pulling. Extended leg choke in corner. Knee drop on legs. Snapmare. Knee across throat. Headscissors using ropes for leverage. Wrapping hair around the top rope. Choking on the bottom rope. Foot on throat. Big right hands. Arm scissors. Biting fingers. Eye rake. Back rake. Full Nelson with hidden choking. Knee drop to midsection. Kicking leg. Double leg splitter. leglock. Single leg Boston crab. Throat chops. Swinging neck breaker. Wristlock with knee in arm. Pulling up at 2 counts. Finisher: surprise roll up. pin.)

1 review for 00009: Brandi Wine vs. Southern Sweetheart Dixie

  1. Steve (verified owner)

    Excellent. Great video. I bought it just for the figure four headscissors and Brandi Wine did not disappoint.

    If that hold is used more frequently, you may have a return customer.

    • admin


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