00109: Misty James vs. Fantasy


MP4 | 111MB | 10:03 | 720×480


Rough action from a combined 30 years worth of veteran wrestlers who basically don’t and never have like each other. Fantasy can be mean and Misty has gotten a lot meaner since the last time we saw her. Veterans sometimes get bitter the longer they are and this business…. (Introductions. attacking the opponent from behind. biting forehead. sleeper hold. blatant choke. stomach claw. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Short clothesline. choke hold. Kick to midsection. running clothesline. breaking count at 2. suplex. bodyslam. Foot on throat. Power slam. Back rake. shoulder claw. Body Scissors. Headscissors. Head between legs slamming face into mat. Choking on the bottom rope. Finisher: Jumping face plant into mat. pin.)


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