00011: Little Bit vs. Brandi Wine


MP4 | 80MB | 10:01 | 720×480


These two seasoned competitors know each other inside and out. Their match takes place both inside and outside the ring, creating an intense and tough contest between familiar rivals. (Trash Talking. Slamming face into an apron. slamming face into steel post. slamming face into steel chair. Low Blows. Jumping face plant into mat. Double handed hair pull. Standing on hands and blatant choke. Sitting headscissors. Nose rake. Standing on hair. Knee drop to back. Camel clutch. Chinlock. Elbow drop to back. Crossed arm chokehold. Hair Pulling through the ropes. Choking on the bottom rope. Standing on the back of the opponent. Modified STF with hair pull. Finisher: Big right hands. unable to continue.)


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