00111: Little Bit vs. Malibu


MP4 | 93MB | 10:13 | 720×480


Little Bit has held the camel clutch championship for a few months now, taking one all challengers. Malibu steps up confidently to attempt to take the belt back to Georgia. This match for the camel clutch championship is full of variations of the camel clutch, along with other submission holds. Will Little Bit be able to hold one to her championship or will Malibu make Little Bit tap out to the camel clutch? (Pre-match interview. Trash Talking. DDT into the ring. sitting Bodyslam. Boston crab. Dropkick. Running Bulldog into mat. Camel clutch. Nose hook. Standing on hair. Stomping on hand. Fish hooks. Multiple Camel clutches. Throwing opponents outside the ring. Camel clutch on outside. Chinlock. Hair Pull. Leg Drop. Double knee drop to back. Finisher: Camel clutch. submission.)


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