01484: HollyHood Haley J vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 175MB | 20:14 | 720×480


Haley J unleashed her mean and vicious side in this match, leaving Little Bit on the receiving end of her brutality. Twenty minutes of intense action between two fierce competitors. (Trash Talking. Lockup Forced into corner. Kick to midsection. Elbow thrust into midsection. Big forearm shots Snapmare. Blatant choke. Sleeperhold. Double handed hair pull. Boston crab. Crippler crossface. Choking on ropes. Choking on ropes. Knee in back with double armbar. Extended leg choke in corner. Leg extension. Wrapping legs around ropes. Foot on throat. Throat chops. Suplex. Camel clutch. Armbar with shoulder pinch. Slamming face repeatedly into mat. Finisher: Foot on throat while pulling both arms up. unable to continue.)


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