01883: Ariel vs. Little Bit

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In the climactic third match of the Best of Three series for the Liberty Pro Championship, Champion Little Bit defends her title against challenger Ariel. With both competitors giving it their all and a referee maintaining order, tensions reach a boiling point inside the ring. As the match unfolds, all eyes are on Million Dollar Baby and Diana Taylor, with fans speculating about their potential interference and its impact on the outcome of this highly anticipated showdown. (Trash Talking. Test of strength back and forth. Stomps to hand. Snapmare. Kick to back. Big forearm shots. slamming face into turnbuckle. Side Headlock. Armbar. Shoulder tackle takedown. Suplex. Boston crab. Brawling back and forth. Kick to midsection. DDT. Finisher: Stunner. pin.)


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