01876: Rebel Kel and Sofía Castillo vs. Diana Taylor and Ariel

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MP4 | 92MB | 11:06 | 720×480


In a 10-minute match with a referee, Rebel Kel and Sofía Castillo face off against Diana Taylor and Ariel. The rules dictate that the winners can only secure victory through pinfall, setting the stage for a relentless battle where every move counts. Expect Kel and Castillo to unleash their full fury as they aim to dominate their opponents and secure a decisive victory in this high-stakes encounter. (Introductions Kick to midsection. Slamming leg into mat. Leg extension. Double teaming in the corner. Slamming knee into steel post. Blatant choke. Jumping on knees. Single leg Boston crab. Choking on ropes. Scorpion deathlock. Wrapping legs around ropes. Suplex. Surfboard. Backbreaker. Finisher: Cartwheel body splash. double pin.)


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