01519: Black Widow vs. The Amazon


MP4 | 86MB | 10:16 | 720×480


Like match 1517, this match tore the ring down but Black Widow in her cheating ways even made it different on certain parts but this ten minutes has a lot of action. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Eye gouge. Eye rake. Blatant choke. extended leg choke in corner. Clawing face. Dragging face across top rope. Big forearm shots. Face claw. Slamming face into mat. Vicious hair pulling. Sleeperhold. Chinlock. Single leg Boston crab. Wrapping arm around ropes. Choking on ropes. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Irish Whip. Double face rake. Headbutt. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. Finisher: foreign object shot. pin.)


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