01508: Skylar Slice vs. Su Yung


MP4 | 119MB | 15:23 | 720×480


Wrestling in their GLOW attire, these two exceptional wrestlers engaged in a 15-minute action-packed match. Both demonstrated their remarkable wrestling skills. (Introductions. Kick to midsection. Knee smash to face. Knee plant into back with chokehold. Nose hook. Leg scissors. Leg Drop on arm. Arm scissors with finger Bending. Blatant choke. Back rake. Inverted atomic drop. Backbreaker. Knee in back with double armbar. Bending leg over knee. Shoulder thrust into back. Half Nelson. Bodyscissors with million dollar dream sleeper. Boston crab. Belly to back suplex. Choking on ropes. Foot on throat. Snapmare. Big boot to midsection. Finisher: Power slam. pin.)


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