01507: Million Dollar Baby vs. Ariel


MP4 | 136MB | 15:12 | 720×480


This match is 15 minutes in length and both ladies are superstars in ladies wrestling, however in this match one lady actually got a quick advantage and took advantage for most of the match. Tough work and the wrestlers all wanted to watch this match and cheer on Ariel. Million Dollar Baby is not well liked in the locker room. (Ring entrances. Foreign object shot. Knee across throat. Big right hands. Biting fingers. Bending hand. Elbow drop. Knee drops on arm. Leg drop on arm. Blatant choke. Sleeperhold with hidden choking. Biting forehead. Stomp on the throat. Multiple stomps to midsection. Choking on ropes. Front face drop. Resting elbow in throat. Extended leg choke in corner. Pulling opponent up at 2 count. Stomach claw. Grinding elbow into midsection. Finisher: Front face drop. pin.)


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