01493: Su Yung vs. Million Dollar Baby


MP4 | 68MB | 10:28 | 720×480


If you’re a fan of tights, cinched in holds and moves, then this 10 minutes of action is for you. Don’t be surprised how well Su and Million Dollar Baby execute these holds. Good Wrestling. (Attacking an opponent from behind. Dropkick to back. Headscissors through the ropes. Slamming face into mat. Headscissors. Double handed hair pull. Sleeperhold. Bodyscissors with sleeperhold. Figure four. Toe Bending. Elbow smashes to foot. Bodyscissors. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Headscissors sitting on top turnbuckle. Eye rake. Face claw. Hand smother. Bodyscissors with hand smothering. Grinding headscissors. Finisher: Headscissors with hand smothering and hand covering mouth. submission.)


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