01445: Little Bit vs. Chantal


MP4 | 74MB | 10:12 | 720×480


Some wrestling, some hair pulling maneuvers, but for ten minutes Chantal found out why Little Bit is so darn good in these types of matches. ten minutes. (Eye rake. Slamming face into mat. Slamming face into steel chair. Slamming face into steel post. Wrapping opponents’ hair around foreign objects. Irish Whip. Wrapping hair around ropes. slamming head into turnbuckle. Sitting dropkick. Kicking knees. Chinlock. Elbow drop to knee. Arm scissors. Choking with my own hair. Double handed hair pull. Elbow drop to top of head. Standing on hair Body splash. Boston crab. Finisher: Single leg Boston crab with hair pull. submission.)


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