01295: Brian Rodgers vs. Lady Bird Monroe


MP4 | 45MB | 05:55 | 720×480


Most of the new ladies seemingly always have to have a match with Brian Rodgers, Arkansas Terror or formerly, the Mississippi Mauler. Unlucky it was Rodgers for Lady Luck who ended in a Torture rack from Mr. Rodgers 6 minutes in length. (Lockup. Forced into a corner. Big right hands. Big body splash in the corner. Dropkick. Eye rake. Chinlock with knee in back. Jumping sidewalk slam. Sleeperhold. Hair Pull. Elbow shot to the top of the head. Stomping ankle. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. extended leg choke in corner. Knife edge chops. Backbreaker. Finisher: On knees torture rack. submission.)


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