01260: Vita VonStarr vs. Million Dollar Baby


MP4 | 95MB | 10:24 | 720×480


For fans of action, this is a must-watch. Million Dollar Baby and Vita VonStarr give it their all in this ten-minute match, showcasing their incredible wrestling skills. (Introductions. Trash Talking. Lockup. Knee shot to midsection. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Knife edge chops Kick to midsection. Extended leg choke in corner. Chokehold with face claw. Slamming face into mat. Choking on ropes. Grinding elbow into throat. Shoulder thrusts into midsection. Low blow. Slamming face into an apron. Choking an opponent with rope around a steel post. Blatant choke. Hitting an opponent with an object. Leg Drop low blow. Hitting an opponent with a championship belt. Finishet: Brawling back and forth outside of ring Double count out.)


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