01262: Brian Rodgers vs. Violet Payne


MP4 | 101MB | 15:29 | 720×480


Brian Rodgers and the Arkansas Terror usually run over all the females who try to knock them off their high horses. It does NOT happen very many times, actually a very few. Violet Payne showed why her name is Violet for sure. 15 minutes. (Pre-match interview Trash Talking. Attacking an opponent from behind. Low blow. Slamming face into turnbuckle. Extended leg choke in corner. Snapmare. sleeperhold. Double knee drop to midsection. Kicking the knee Leg Lock. Foot in throat. Choking on ropes. Running clothes lines into corners. Knife edge chops. Camel clutch. Armbar Full Nelson. Knee smash to face. Finisher: Headscissors submission.)


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