00945: Fantasy vs. Little Bit


MP4 | 111MB | 15:17 | 720×480


This match is a lot of outside actual and most of the match has been filmed from arena floor. Little Bit and Fantasy if they wrestled 10 times, it would probably be 5 each, every single time. Little Bit one this long day, seemed to finally had a day of Fantasy. 15 minutes (Lockup. armbar reversals. Headscissor reversals. Big right hands. Throwing opponent viciously to outside of ring. knee smash to face. Nose hook. Face slam into apron. Face slammed into steel post. Leg drop one apron. Headscissors one apron. Figure four. sleeper hold. Knee lift to midsection. picking up opponent at 2 count. Boston Crab. Knee across back of throat. Knee drops to arm. Finisher: Tombstone piledriver. pin.)


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