00716: CeCe Chanel vs. Nikki Victory


MP4 | 97MB | 10:32 | 720×480


Championship Wrestling from Hollywood and Memphis wrestling star, CeCe Chanel took one the All American Girl, Nikki Victory and a one fall, ten minute match. CeCe was the bad girl and this match but Nikki as always, fights back against them all Ten Minutes total of action. (Trash Talking. Showboating. Flexing, doing push-ups. Knee lift to midsection. Clothesline. Raking face across top rope. Choking on middle rope. Full Nelson. Slamming face into mat. Standing on throat. Single leg Boston crab. sleeper hold. Kicks to the shoulder. Knee drops to midsection. stomach claw. Headscissors. Finisher: Running forearm shot to jaw. pin.)


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